Why You Need a New Orleans Lawyer

You will need the services of lawyers in New Orleans if you are facing criminal charges. It is also necessary to find a lawyer for immigration problems, divorce issues, family matters, personal injury and litigation.

How can lawyers help citizens? There are various scenarios in which the services of a lawyer will prove beneficial.

Criminal Defense

Criminal defense attorneys will provide legal aid if you have been charged with any felony such as homicide and other serious cases like murder, kidnapping and robbery. Suspects, who are placed on probation status or accused of minor transgressions, also require proficient lawyers for legal representation. The criminal attorney will see to it that you get a fair trial and defend you based on the strength of evidence in your favor. This expert needs to formulate an effective strategy to secure your acquittal. It is also the job of your defense counsel to collate evidence and investigate circumstances that can strengthen your case. In case of a negative verdict, your lawyer is mandated to file an appeal in your behalf.


You can get the service of New Orleans immigration attorneys for immigration and naturalization issues such as employment visas for non immigrants, immigrant investor visas, permanent residence, and family-based immigration. The immigration attorneys handle legal matters such as acquiring visas for the immigrant and his or her family; aliens who are due for deportation because of overstaying; foreigners who have entered the country illegally and currently under detention; and, the preparation of visa and other relevant documentation.


New Orleans divorce lawyers specialize in marital disagreements that normally lead to legal separation of couples. It is the obligation of this attorney to provide legitimate advice that will make it less stressful for both spouses leading to an amicable separation. This lawyer has to represent clients in court proceedings or meetings for settlement with the other party. A cordial conciliation is normally advised by the divorce lawyer before bringing the matter to the tribunal. It may also happen that this lawyer will be asked for legal opinion and assistance in child custody issues, business appraisal or property valuation. This attorney takes care of documentation of pension papers, property documents, financial statements, and insurance policies.

Family Issues

New Orleans family lawyers concentrate on helping members of the family unit to resolve differences legally and rationally. Aside from divorce, the two primary fields that this legal expert handles are child custody, adoption and prenuptial agreements. Child custody is quite complex and involves physical and legal guardianship. It also calls for resolution of issues such as who among the parents will make important decisions for the child or answer for financial requirements. The family lawyer also lends assistance to biological and adoptive parents in making decisions that will be of best interest to the child being adopted.


The litigation lawyer is called upon to assist in cases pertinent to civil laws, human rights and real estate concerns. On the other hand, New Orleans personal injury lawyers provide legal advice to victims of personal injuries which happened in the workplace, accidents involving motor vehicles, railroad mishaps, sexual abuse, dog bites and wrongful death. Personal injury refers to mental or physical impairment caused by the negligence of other people, premeditated acts or severe liabilities.