New Orleans Immigration Attorneys

Immigration lawyers help individuals or families who are new residents of a country to make a legal transition into lawful citizenship.

If you are having problems with your citizenship status or you simply have questions about naturalization or citizenship for you and your family, a New Orleans immigration attorney can help you. Good immigration lawyers are professionals who can answer your questions about immigration and give you the legal help that you need. However, it is essential that you first know what to look for in New Orleans immigration attorneys. Look for someone who can offer you a free consultation and someone with prior experience. It is also important for you to look for one with a record of positive results from his or her previous clients.

Choosing an Immigration Attorney


The first indication of a likely good New Orleans immigration attorney is his or her offer of free consultation. It is important for you to know what you are getting when you are hiring an attorney and a consultation will give you the opportunity to meet with a prospective attorney to determine whether or not he or she can help you in your situation. It will also give you the chance to get a feel of how working with him or her will go.


The next thing you need to evaluate is the prospective immigration attorney’s experience. You would want a New Orleans immigration attorney that has had several years of experience to make sure that he or she knows what they are doing. An experienced attorney will be more knowledgeable about the intricacies of law as it pertains to your case and will be more familiar with all the processes and ins and outs of the system compared to someone who hasn’t been practicing law for long.


Adding to the trust and experience that a New Orleans immigration attorney can give you, another factor to consider is the past results of the immigration lawyer. You would want a lawyer with the best record of positive results to represent you. Be sure to ask your prospective lawyer about his or her past successes and failures and if possible, ask to see the statistics or recommendations from the past clients.

Find an Immigration Attorney in New Orleans

Here is a list of some of the immigration attorneys in New Orleans:

Andrea Marie Augustus, Attorney at Law
(504) 615-7689

Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC
(504) 566-5200


Ceballos Legal Consulting, LLC
(504) 830-3444

Charlotte E. Viener, APLC
(504) 581-5051

Fisher & Phillips
(504) 522-3303

Immigration & Nationality Law Group
(504) 569-4696

Law Offices of Donglai Yang
(504) 581-9322

Law Offices of Fan & Brinson, LLC
(504) 324-2280

Law Offices of John L. Bolton, LLC
(504) 470-3851

Lawrence B Fabacher Law Office
(504) 522-2800

Malvern Burnett Attorney at Law
(504) 586-1922

Maria Calvo Attorney
(504) 486-8778

Stephenson, Chavarri & Lambert, LLC
(504) 486-8778

The Immigration Law Firm of New Orleans
(504) 931-5355