New Orleans Family Lawyers

Some families have more serious issues to deal with than others. If you are considering bringing your particular situation to the courts, you may benefit from hiring a family lawyer.

When facing legal issues concerning your family, you would want the services of a legal professional to handle it. Many would not want to represent themselves in court but would instead want a qualified New Orleans family lawyer to handle the case for them and with them.

Area of Specialty

There are many New Orleans lawyers who specialize in handling family law cases. These are the ones that you should be looking for. Many lawyers focus only on specific areas such as criminal or estate law while others may handle only cases pertaining to divorce. In this case, you must look for those who specialize in family law so that he or she would know the ins and outs and the specifics of the procedures in family law cases.

How to Choose a Family Lawyer

When looking for a family lawyer in New Orleans, it is best to first list down all potential family law attorneys in the city that you would want to work for you. You may also opt to ask friends or people you know for recommendations, only if they have the same or similar situation as you. You can also ask for good recommendations from reliable sources who are always dealing with family law attorneys such as accountants, real estate agents or government officials.

The next step would be to get references from your prospective New Orleans family lawyers. Get feedback from their previous clients and take note of how easily they can give you references whom they would be confident with. The more they are upset with you trying to look at their past clients, the more likely they are trying to hide failed cases or miserable clients.

Find a Family Lawyer in New Orleans

Here are some New Orleans family lawyers that you can start contacting:

Alaraby Johnson Law Offices
(504) 494-4279

Alexandra Mora Law Office: Mora Alexandra
(504) 566-0233

Barbara J. Ziv, LLC
(504) 525-4361

Beaumont Divorce
(504) 483-8008

Cynthia D Samuel, Attorney At Law
(504) 831-3338

Daniels Law LLC
(504) 302-8507

Darryl Breaux LLC
(504) 483-3770

Gary S. Brown
(504) 322-1234

Ginsberg Jay Alan
(504) 587-3744

H2 Law, LLC
(504) 585-7329

Johnson Don H
(504) 581-3664

Law Office of Halima Narcisse Smith, LLC
(504) 358-2112

Le Roy Harley & Associates: Hartley Le Roy A
(504) 945-4003

Marshall Kimberly
(504) 250-9418

Robert B. Bieck, Jr.

Sidney L Shushan PLC
(504) 599-8640

Stephenson, Chavarri & Lambert, LLC
(504) 523-6496

Tucker & Cassels, LLC
(504) 599-5952

Winsberg and Arnold
(504) 648-2711