New Orleans Criminal Defense Attorneys

If you or your loved ones are facing a criminal case, it’s important to choose the right criminal defense attorney to represent you.

Criminal proceedings are always best handled when you have an attorney to represent you. Your criminal defense attorney is familiar with federal rules of evidence, criminal procedure, trial procedure and the federal court system in general which will prove to be helpful in your situation. He or she is also knowledgeable in federal sentencing procedures and with the recent rulings that affect sentencing in New Orleans. It may also be helpful to get an attorney who is familiar with the federal investigative agency which spearheaded the whole investigation.

Choosing the Right Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you are involved in a criminal defense case, it is best that you hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer in New Orleans immediately. Do not wait for your charges to be accepted before hiring an attorney to represent you. Remember, you have the right to a lawyer during the entire process. If you hire the right New Orleans defense attorney, one who is experienced and effective, it can mean the difference to you between a prison sentence and reduced or dismissed charges.

It is best to look for a lawyer who is aggressive but ethical and who will defend your rights in the best way possible. Good criminal defense attorneys know how to make an impact on the outcome of a case, even in misdemeanour cases, by ensuring that all rights of the accused are protected during the whole process.

Find a Criminal Defense Attorney in New Orleans

Here are some of the New Orleans criminal defense attorneys that you can choose from.

A Weiser and McLaren Law Firm
(504) 220-9086

Bagert Law Firm
(504) 523-1117

Bloom Legal LLC
(504) 599-9997

Crescent City Law, LLC
(504) 265-1864

DiGiulio Utley, LLC
(504) 524-4080

Elizabeth B. Carpenter
(504) 599-5955

John C Bono Professional Law: Clifford Poche Attorney At Law
(504) 835-9909

Julie Tizzard, LLC
(504) 529-3774

Killeen & Stern PC
(504) 525-8111

Kohnke, Richard V.
(504) 899-6864

LaPorte Law Office, LLC
(504) 899-6880

Larry M Aisola, Jr Law Office
(504) 682-6733

Law Office of Ernest J. Bauer, Jr.
(504) 667-6672

Law Office of Robert S Toale
(504) 368-8440

Law Office of Ryan Cox
(504) 361-7720

Marino Criminal Law, LLC
(504) 362-0666

Nicholas S. Lindner, Attorney At Law
(504) 579-2601

Regan, Littlefield, Thomas & Sandhu, PLC
(504) 522-7260

Renee Swanson, LLC
(504) 266-2101

Rittenberg & Samuel & Phillips
(504) 524-5555

Stephen D. Hebert, LLC
(504) 528-9500

The McKenna Firm, LLC
(504) 581-9322