When Do You Need the Services of Immigration Lawyers?

Are you or a family member considering becoming a citizen of the United States? Find out how immigration lawyers can help you.

The services of immigration lawyers are crucial to foreigners who want to become citizens of the United States. These legal experts also provide assistance to people who face possible deportation. An immigration attorney helps individuals who want to acquire citizenship by means of naturalization. This lawyer is the most qualified person to help aliens comply with rigid requirements of the United States Citizenship and immigration Services (USCIS).

In applying for US Citizenship, immigration lawyers assist applicants with citizenship tests and documents; gain eligibility for citizenship during emergency situations; represent clients in court hearings associated with residency; and, help foreign persons engage in business ventures in the United States.

There are other circumstances that immigration lawyers are needed. Some of these incidents include:

  • Applicants are convicted of felonies. USCIS forms ask if an applicant has been found guilty of a crime. The aspirant needs to reveal his or her records even if charges were dismissed or there was no conviction at all. This is when an immigration attorney should come in. This type of lawyer knows the common aspects of criminal and immigration laws.
  • Immigration lawyers understand the reasons for denial of immigration applications and if it will be possible to appeal for re-consideration. These attorneys are also well-versed with documentation procedures.
  • At the same time, immigration lawyers can offer advice on the effects of getting deported as well as exclusion. The latter refers to the formal denial of an alien’s admission into the USA. Exclusion is made by the immigration judge after due process. There are many reasons for being deported which include defiance of immigration laws and committing a crime.
  • Immigration lawyers can guarantee that American employers fulfill their obligations to immigrant workers. Processing of an employment visa is difficult. The attorney has the capacity to help the immigrant if the potential employer is not keen on helping with immigration concerns.
  • The immigration attorney is a key person in expediting applications for citizenship which have been delayed for a prolonged period.
  • Immigration lawyers can render assistance to people migrating to the US with their families and dependents whether the children are below 21 or currently 21 years old prior to approval of permanent residency status. The lawyer knows the ideal steps in filing citizenship for applicants’ children.
  • The application may be stalled and the applicant does not know how to handle the problem. The attorney’s expertise will come in handy if the USCIS asks for additional documents that can support the candidate’s claim. Working with a competent immigration lawyer can accelerate the process.
When Do You Need the Services of Immigration Lawyers

Getting citizenship in countries such as the United States is very complicated. This can take seven years or more. Many applications get denied since the USCIS is so strict on documentation, legal matters and support. It is best to find experienced immigration lawyers from top-notch law offices. This will ensure your application is handled efficiently. In doing this, you are assured of a good chance to obtain US citizenship.

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